1. Where are your offices located?

Demo India operates a number of offices and branches across India. Our registered office is in Delhi, the corporate office is based out of Faridabad, NCR and the branch office is in Bangalore.

2. What job openings are available at Demo India?

There are various categories of jobs available at Demo India. For all current openings, please do refer to the Career Opportunities mentioned on this site.

3. What does a remuneration package comprise?

The remuneration package each employee receives differs according to his or her overall profile.

However, certain benefits such as health insurance, gratuity, etc. are entitlements of all employees across all levels.

We recognize the efforts and performance of our employees and a competitive and rewarding scheme has been established towards the same.

4. What is the probation period for?

The probation period of six months for all employees across all levels.